«The Cave» level, step three

The third step of level design. Some interactable objects were added to the level. They are: inventory objects (items which can be picked up), movers, carriers and immovable interactable objects.

Many of these objects don’t have meshes at this time (placeholders are used), but for some of them I’ve developed 3D models.

Placed in the level they look quite satisfactorily (from a far distance of course).

Later I’ll be compiling the scene once again, because of totally crappy lighting and unwanted gloss. And yes, I found a way to make some parts of the scene brighter or darker.

«The Cave» level, step one

Here’s the first step of development of the level «The Cave». Water, rocks and sand were added. Next, some detailes, such are small rocks, stones and foliage are going to be added to the level.

How it looks:

How it should look: