«The Cave» level, step two

The second step of designing the level. At first, some smaller rocks were added. They don’t look nice in themselves:

But a propper texture, a nice illumination and a suitable environment made them look pretty good, at least for now. Then, some foliage was added to the level. They are some ivy branches, which I’ve made recently:

This foliage doesn’t look good too, especially the leaves, but I think it’s okay for now. Finally, these simple things made the level look live. But water is still no good – I think I’ll just use one of my old shaders to keep the haemorhoid away. On the next step, gameplay elements are going to be added.

How it looks all together:

And the perspective:


«The Cave» level, step one

Here’s the first step of development of the level «The Cave». Water, rocks and sand were added. Next, some detailes, such are small rocks, stones and foliage are going to be added to the level.

How it looks:

How it should look: